Kamak Dynamics USA STS GTX Ultraboost technology turbochargers spool as fast a ball bearing turbo yet use journal bearing technology for longevity of your turbo and ease of maintenence. They are desiged to compete with the Garrett GTX series turbos and come with light weight high flow 9-blade turbine wheels (20% lighter) plus light weight quick spool billet GTX compressor wheels (10% additional flow). These are high end performance turbochargers.

The Kamak T67-25GTX turbos come with a T3 inlet flange option to fit common T3 and T3T4 flanged manifolds and are suited to 2L to 3.5L applications.

* 4” Compressor cover
* GTX billet compressor wheel for rapid spool and 10% additional flow: 57 mm / 78mm
* STS high flow rapid spool turbine wheel: 58 / 67mm
* Turbine housing style: T3
* Journal Bearing with performance thrust bearing kit with larger thrust ring and flinger
* Oil cooled
* Will support max 600HP



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