SuperSpark coil packs are a drop in reaplcement vehicle specific upgrade coil pack that offers up to 10% more spark energy than the factory coil packs!

Dyno testing has demonstrated that Super Spark coil packs achieved a whopping 14rwkw gain during the rev range, and 6kw at the wheels at peak power. Not to mention a much smoother power delivery and reduced fuel consumption. In instances of ignition misses at higher boost levels Super Spark coil packs may also enable you to increse boost levels an extra few pounds and retain a strong ignition spark where factory coil packs fail.

Available for many Nissans, the SSCP-RB2 pack contains a full set of coils and is designed for the R33 RB25DE 95-98, R33 RB25DET 95-98, R34 RB26DETT, C34 RB25DE 96-97, C34 RB25DET 96-98


Price: $735.99

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