The KnockBlock G4 can act as knock detection interface for Link G4 ECUs. The KnockBlock G4 connects directly with the knock sensor and provides the ECU with an accurate measurement of engine knock. The G4 ECU can then be configured for closed loop knock control, allowing the ignition timing to be advanced and retarded to maintain output power while protecting the engine.

Additionally, the supplied knock light can be mounted on the dash to provide the driver with a visible warning in the event of engine knock.

Note: Some detonation events may not "flash" due to particular engine harmonics, use the audio output for added security when tuning.

Knock Tuning Tool
The KnockBlock G4 can be used as a knock tuning tool. Connected to a correctly positioned knock sensor the KnockBlock G4 will provide a clear audio output with a crisp distinction between normal engine sounds and knock. This will allow the tuner to safely optimise ignition timing and mixtures when tuning an engine.

What is Knock?
Knock, also known as detonation or "pinging", refers to the spontaneous combustion of an air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. Knocking is induced by excessive pressure within the combustion chamber causing the air/fuel mixture to self detonate. Excessive pressures can be a result of excessive engine temperature, excessive turbo boost pressure, excessive charge temperature and over-advanced ignition timing.

The reason engines get near the point of detonation is tuning for performance and efficiency. To achieve maximum output and efficiency from an engine, combustion pressures must be optimised to create the maximum force on the top of the piston (or side of rotary). This maximum combustion pressure is controlled by ignition timing.

When the air/fuel charge detonates, a large sharp pressure impulse is created which vibrates the surrounding engine structure. Te effects of the vibrations range from no damage to severe engine damage. This gives the need to accurately detect engine knock.

The most common way of detecting engine knock is to bolt a piezoelectric vibration transducer (knock sensor) to the side of the engine block. The knock sensor exhibits similar characteristics to an audio microphone but converts vibrations rather than audio to an electric signal.


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