Racing Logic coilovers are designed with motorsport in mind, whether it be circuit, drift or drag. They offer a cost effective entry into quality suspension componentry.

* 32 Step Damping Force Adjustment (compression and rebound) to allow fine tuning of the ride for street or race use.
* Pillow Ball Top Mounts with camber adjustment (McPherson only, some applications only) to improve communication between driver and the road or track surface.
* Massive 52mm Mono Tube Design allowing for extended heavy use without suffering cavitation like smaller single piston or twin shaft designs.
* Annodized T6 heat treated 6061 aluminium lower mounts for a strong yet light weight and corrosion resistant finish.
* Quality sag resistent SAE9254 steel coil springs.
* Full ride heigth adjustment and independant height and pre-load adjustment through the use of removable lower mounts.

Racing Logic Ultra Complex coilovers are available for the following vehicles (please specify when ordering):

Civic EF CRX 89-91
Civic EG 92-95
Civic EK 96-00
Integra DA6 90-93
Integra DC2 92-00
Accord CE1 98-02
Accord CL7 03-UP
Accord CL9 03-UP
Prelude BB1/2 92-96
Prelude BB6 97-UP
S2000 AP1 95-UP

IS200 97~05
IS250 06-Up
GS300 98~05
SC300 Soara JZA20 86-91
SC300 Soara JZA30 92-99
SC400 Soara JZA30 92-99
LS400 94-00

RX7 FC3 88-92
RX7 FD3 93-96
RX8 04-UP

Lancer 97~01
EVO 4 97-98
EVO 5 98-99
EVO 6 99~02
EVO 7 02~03
EVO 8 03~05
EVO 9 05-UP

S13 89-94
S14 95-98
S15 97-UP
R32GTST 89-94
R32GTR 89-94
R33GTST 95-98
R33GTR 95-98 R
R34GTST 99~02
R34GTR 99~02
Stegea 97~02
Cefiro A31 89-94
Laurel c31/32/33 88-92
300ZX Z32 90-96
350Z Z33 03-Up
G35 03-Up

GC8 97~02
GDB 02~04
GDB-F 05-Up
Legacy Gen 1 89-93
Legacy Gen 2 93-98
Legacy B4 Gen 3 99~04
Legacy BL9 Gen 4 05~up
Forester SF5 97~03
Forester SG9 03~up

SUPRA MA70 86-92
SUPRA JZA80L 93-98
Celsior 94-00
Chaser / Cressida JZX 90 90-94
Chaser / Cressida JZX 100 94-99


Price: $1,839.99

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