These coilovers come equipped with all the features of much more exensive suspension setups at a fraction of the cost. The Track Spec coilovers are a cost effective suspension setup that provides a firm and responsive feel. Suitable for daily drivers that also get some track use. These are custom made for us to order. Spring rates are 6kg front and 5kg rear, so they are a firm ride on the road, but suitable for track use.

* 33-way adjustable dampening settings
* full length adjustment
* pillowball mounts
* adjustable camber plates are included (front)
* aluminum upper mounts.
* Monotube construction for superior heat dissipation and to prevent cavitation
* Fully adjustable spring seats for increased range of rifr height adjustment without affecting pre-load
* Electroplated casings for rust prevention.

This suspension system is suitable for daily driving and track day use.


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