Ultra Racing specialise solely in chassis and suspension braces. Through extensive research, mechanical and real world testing they have developed some of the best braces and supports money can buy. UR braces are unique in that they are made from lightweight steel as opposed to aluminium. Steel is far stronger than aluminium for a given material thickness (an alloy strut brace would need to contain twice the material to exhibit the same strength characterisics as a quality steel one)! Furthermore, UR braces feature a 1 peice design, not the usual adjustable or multi-peice design as used by most other strut brace manufacturers. Substantial laboratory testing has proven that UR 1-piece braces are stronger and exhibit less flex overall than their multi-piece counterparts!

UR offer 16mm / 19mm front sway bars (or anti-roll bars) for the following vehicles:

CF4 / CL1
Civic FD


S14/S15 Silvia
R33 / R34 GTT Skyline


Prices vary with model - plese email us with your enquiry. Prices range from $339.99 up to $489.99 depending on model and complexity of bar.


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