The new and improved GFB G-force II Electronic boost controller takes all the great features of the original G-FORCE and builds on them:

The GFB G-Force II has taken everything that was great about the original, and made it better! There are new features, existing ones have been improved, and most importantly, it’s even easier to use! Touch screen interface with menu button capacitive touch screen and new menu button make menu navigation exceptionally easy - no more pressing or holding multiple buttons.

GFB G-Force II Electronic Boost Controller Specs:

* Boost control up to 50psi

* New closed - loop correction boost control
strategy for the fastest possible boost rise rate and minimum
boost drop-off at high RPM, the new closed loop logic
helps prevent boost variations that can occur in
different gears, RPM ranges and atmospheric

* 6 boost presets - individually programmable
you can program 6 different peak boost pressures and
rise rates, then select on-the-fly

* Improved scramble boost feature with auxiliary
remote switching scramble boost now uses a dedicated preset (instead
of a percentage increase) so that peak boost, rise rate,
and closed-loop control can be specifically tailored to
suit your scramble needs. You can now lower OR
increase boost pressure, AND change the spool-uprate,
all at the press of a button

* New peak-hold display shows the peak boost achieved after a boost run

* 6 different button colour options to match your car's dash illumination

* Remote input trigger - connect the remote input wire to a switch, button, or
ECU output to change

* Real-time boost gauge, display in bar, psi or k Pa - choose the display units to suit your preference

* Real time vacuum display -now shows manifold vacuum as well as boost

* Over-boost warning/cut - user adjustable warning to indicate if the boost
pressure is too high and to cut the solenoid to
lower boost and protect the engine


Price: $434.44

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