Speed bleeder replacement nipples allow you to bleed brakes by yourself anytime anywhere. Remove the factory bake bleed nipples and replace them with the speed bleeder units. Bleeding brakes is then as simple as cracking the nipples and pumping the brakes. The internal check-valve prevents air from being drawn into the system whilst still allowing bubbles and fluid to be bleed out. A must for all race cars, but also very useful on a road going vehicle!

THIS 8 PIECE KIT SUITS DUAL-BLEEDER CALIPERS SUCH AS BREMBOS. (smaller 4-pice kits available also for single nipple calipers)

* Simple to use
* 1-person bleed system
* Stainless steel ball
* Brass retainer
* Roll-formed thread (stronger smoother thread than cut ones)
* Zinc Chromate plated
* Thread sealing system
* Available in various fitments to suit a range of factory and aftermarket calipers.

Common fitments:

Wilwood calipers use SB1428
Brembo calipers (EVO, Subaru, Nissan) use SB1010S
Stoptech calipers use SB1010S
Other fitments see: http://speedbleeder.com/automobile_applications.htm

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Price: $119.99

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